How to send e-mail messages to OmniFocus

I just stumbled across this quick trick over at OmniFocus. When going through e-mail, when you come across a task you would like to stick into OmniFocus, just forward the task to  OmniFocus will then mail you a link that opens OmniFocus. Click the link, and ABRACADABRA you have a new OmniFocus task. The text of the e-mail is in the task. The subject line of your e-mail is the name of the task:

  • How can I turn an email into an OmniFocus action on my iPad?

    We offer a simple bounce-back service to make it easier to add actions from your emails. To try it out, send a message to Within a few seconds, you’ll receive an auto-response from us which includes a “Send to OmniFocus” link.

    On your iPad, open that mail message and tap or click either “Send to OmniFocus” link. At that point, OmniFocus will launch and add the the subject and text of the original email to your database. (Attachments don’t go along for the ride, but that also means that your sync times stay fast.)

    (Note that this works best if you use a dedicated mail application—Mail for iPad—as opposed to viewing your mail inside a browser. Web browsers don’t seem to handle the custom link type as well as the native apps do, and Gmail blocks non-http URLs.)



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